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19 are killed. president obama explains those spending cuts to enable workers in virginia. it seems they are not impressed. >> it will affect a lot of people, and not just shipyard people. it will trickle down. >> and the emblem of afghanistan's hidden women is going out of style and sales in the capital are falling. welcome to our viewers on public television in america, and elsewhere around the globe. viewing injuns egypt -- viewing egypt's henchen sites from hot air balloon has long been a tourist attraction, but to date a tragedy. 19 people on board were killed near luxor.
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>> these are the final moments of a flight along the nile, captured by a passenger on another balloon, watching on in horror. than 20 were on board when it caught fire. the heat only driving the balloon higher into the sky. before it plummets to the ground. mohamed yousef had been the pilot of a different balloon and saw how the tragedy began. >> i saw a lot of fire. and i saw the pilot. then he jumped. he was on fire on his arms. the customer's job. >> ambulances were quickly at the scene. most of the passengers had already died.
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survived, but was badly injured. questions are being asked about whether his company could have done more to prevent the accident. >> this balloon three days ago, it was flying. not shiping, it did well. >> three tourists from the u.k. were among those shipped to the hospital. there was one other passengers who survived. one from scotland was visited by britain's ambassador to egypt. he is said to be in stable condition. but his wife, yvonne, who was accompanying him, was killed. neighbors at home reacted to the news.
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>> they were a really nice couple. >> there have been concerned about the safety on board these balloon rides in the past. they were suspended for a time in 2009 following a string of accidents. recent passengers have also expressed concerns. alex gibbons was on a balloon ride with the same company in 2011 when his balloon just missed the top of a high-rise motel and then crashed into the nile. >> we were lucky not to have been killed. it was a miracle that we were not killed. they were suspended for a time in 2009 following a string of accidents. recent passengers have also expressed concerns. alex gibbons was on a balloon ride with the same company in 2011 when his balloon just missed the top of a high-rise motel and then crashed into the nile. >> we were lucky not to have been killed. it was a miracle that we were not killed. >> balloon flights here are such a parker the way to see the spectacular injured sites of luxor. they have been grounded. to answer the questions of many of the family and friends of those who died. luxorpoke to the mayor of just a short time ago. >> we do know a lot more from
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eyewitnesses. mainly, from other balloons in the sky at the time. thats not far from here the 20 tourists to to the skies at dawn to take in the magnificent sight around the area. tragedy on the west bank of the river. we hear that there was a fire, possibly because of a leak from one of the fuel cylinders. and once there was a fire, it drove the balloon higher and higher into the sky. and then there was an explosion. that is when it plummeted to the ground. as for the 20 or so people that were in the balloon, there were only two survivors. one was the egyptian operator of the balloon and another is a british tourist. he is in hospital and is said to
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be in stable condition. that man's wife and all the rest were killed. we do not know as yet the exact causes. that is why there is an investigation in place. that is why all balloons have been grounded. >> we were watching those extraordinary pictures taken by a passenger in another balloon. these tourists came from all over the world. the egyptian tourism industry was already suffering because of the arab spring of people. >> absolutely. there were other operating that the that say trade is only 15% to 20% of what it was before the revolution. they were already having a tough time with hotel occupancy in luxor as well as cairo. this will certainly be a big blow. they have in the past had
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incidents like this. although, nowhere near as many deaths. in 2009, six people were injured when a hot air balloon crash. they said they had turned things around, but now people will not believe them. us from luxor.or thanks so much. >> financial markets responded badly today to the political vacuum in italy. there are still no results from the weekend's election. and whichever one is the winner, it is likely to be too weak to lead. the party that got the most votes refuses to take part to form a coalition government. correct emergency meetings were held at the italian prime minister's office -- >> the
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emergency meetings were held up the italian prime minister's office today after the election deadlock. there was right at the prospect of political instability. after a night of waiting, it became apparent that neither the center left nor the center- right could form a stable government. it was 24 hours after the polls closed that the leaders of the center-left, pier luigi pazzani -- bersani, came out to face a dramatic situation. the problem, he said, with the remedy we came up with for the financial crisis. it was based on just austerity and rigor, and had a deep impact on public opinion. as for berlusconi, he said italy cannot go on government and we have to reflect. but all calculations were complicated by the extraordinary success of the comedian who wants to tear up political -- the political system in italy. today, he was dismissive of the main parties. we are any time of epic change,
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he said, it is not about making alliances. that is over. papersprisingly, some declared a dirt -- italy ungovernable. i would say the system has fallen. another one must be moved up from the very bottom. and now we have to be shielded by somebody. >> on the streets, the mood is anxious. here is a financial consultant. >> surprise. i did not expect to be a situation that is ungovernable. >> i am convinced we will go back to the polls in a few months. >> an indication of the level of concern in europe about what is happening here is the fact that today, ministers from three european kind -- countries, spain, germany, and france, all called for stabilization here as
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quickly as possible. but the election results were read the rejection of the very austerity championed by brussels. and here is why the mood in italy is so angry, recession. some 640,000 jobs lost in the first nine months of last year. companies are hurting >> if we do not do something, these guys behind me will not have a job anymore. >> these are days of great uncertainty in italy, and the tremors are being felt across europe. bbc news, rome. >> as iran struggles with its uncertain future, here in the u.s., there is a dose of economic tug-of-war. right now, the two political parties are deadlocked over how cuts knowne spending as the sequester that will go into effect on friday. today, president obama was in newport news, va. stressing his case.
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here is the report. >> along virginia coastline, it seems almost everyone works for the military in one way or another and with a sense of dread about the future. all the ships come to this yard to be refitted and repaired. but the navy has worn them that the looming cuts mean work will be cancelled on 13 ships. three --ny has told 3500 workers they could be laid off. it is a story that could be repeated all over america. >> it could affect a lot of people. not just shipyard people. wohlschlegel down to everybody. the uniformed people -- it will trickle down to everybody. the uniformed people. the diners down the street. it could put this country in the worst depression since the '20s. >> it takes a lot to>> it couldf scare the military, but they seem rattled
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by the proposed cuts. congress designed these cuts to be so brittle that they themselves would be forced to do a deal, but it has not worked. america is on the brink of crisis once again. >> these cuts are not smart, not .air they are a self-inflicted wound that does not have to happen. >> it all learned condemned -- galt earned contempt from republicans back in washington. >>. is going downdent to newport news in order to use our military men and women as a prop in yet another campaign rally to support his tax rates. the american people know the hesident gets more money, will just spend it. is going downginia,
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to newport their battle ships will be cut, too. some people like mary williams will no longer get hot dinners delivered. >> i would not know what to do. they are cutting everything for the people who do not have when everybody's got plenty and they don't want to give up on anything. it is like they're fighting with each other. there is too much fighting going on. their battle ships will be cut, too. some people like mary williams will no longer get hot dinners delivered. somebody has to pull the plug. >> whether it is miss mary or the workers of the shipyard, the very threat of cuts has caused intense worry. >> if they do not decide by friday, work will not suddenly stop here or anywhere else. the cuts will be gradual. but in one way or another, that damage will have already been done to economic confidence and to people's lives and opinions of politicians. >> let's see if it works. just a short time ago, the u.s. senate confirmed chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense, ending weeks of delay. his nomination bitterly split the senate with republican lawmakers say in their former
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colleague was too critical of israel and to compromising on iran. the world's major powers have offered the world some relief from crippled -- crippling economic sanctions. if it scales back on its nuclear program, tonight, talks in context don over to ron have not helped in that endeavor. stressed diplomacy can still resolve this nuclear standoff. can it? dennis is with us. really takings place because the alternative is worse? think there is an advantage to having diplomacy solved it, if in fact, it can solve it. resolutions byle the iaea, asking them -- not asking, but mandating that they stop.
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they are not stopping. and the world has put a lot of pressure on the iranians, clearly, through increasing the economic pressures that do have an impact there, but they have not had an effect on iran's behavior on its nuclear program yet. is there a diplomatic way out? oneapproach on the 5 plus was to say, we are prepared to offer you a diplomatic way out. he did not take it, the pressure will go up. and some of the members of p-5 plus one will be looking at military pressure, not just economic. inflation was up 30% for iran. and yet, you say it does not change its tune. it is not backing down on its nuclear program. is there something that the west can do, say, offer iran that would change the equation?
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>> there are two dimensions. one dimension is that there's not a set of inducements that will suddenly convinced the iranians to give up their pursuit of nuclear weapons capability. there's nothing that anyone can offer that is worth as much to them as that. for offensive regions -- reasons as much as being able to dominate the region. they want to have this capability. and you will not induce them to give it up. the question is, whether through a combination of pressures and through leaving the door open you can get them to agree to an outcome. the critical question is whether the step-by-step approach, which is being adopted in these talks, which is not an end game proposal that says, look, we're prepared to say to you, here's what we will except when it comes to civil power and here is how we will fight and here's how we will be restricted. that not approaching it way. p-5 plus one is probably -- is
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still saying that is probably too large to achieve with them. let's see if we can get them to reciprocate with something. that approach has not worked yet. there's some question as to whether it can. >> you are not in the state department anymore. you can speak freely. will that work? >> i do not think it will. at some point, you have to move away from the step-by-step approach to something that's said to my years at the end of the day what you can get in terms of civil nuclear power. here's what you get in terms of sanctions. but you need to understand that the civil nuclear power will be constrained in a way that does not allow nuclear weapons capability. until we get to that place, i do not know whether we know diplomacy can succeed. >> the book of mormon is now playing in london. it was a hit on broadway, but what will they make of it across the atlantic? today, it was revealed that pope benedict will retain his honorific title of his holiness nd be known as pope emeritus after he advocates.
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-- abdicates. when global events this really is, the resignation of a pope. it has not happened for 600 years. the whole place is swarming with foreign tv crews. theally, the audience of pope is a relatively low-key affair. but interest in attending wednesday's event was so great that they had to move it. there are thousands of shares already laid out. 35,000 people have already booked tickets to attend. and that number is expected to grow. intense interest not only around the world, but here in rome as well. because the pope is also the bishops in rome. i'm standing at the moment on the territory of the italian republic. this ground is italy. on the other side of this fence,
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it is the independent state of the vatican city. we are not allowed to take our cameras. you get a sense of the separations that are already under way. the following day will be his last day in office. he will have a private meeting with the cardinals that have already arrived in rome. later that day at 5:00 p.m. local time, the pope will board a helicopter and go to his summer residence about 15 miles from here. at about 8:00 p.m. local time, he will cease to be pulte. pe. po it will create a vacancy that normally occurs on the death of a pulp. then the replacement for pope benedict xvi will begin in earnest. >> these days, businesses going bust is hardly a deadline.
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of burke ofdline traders in afghanistan to increasing demand of driving them to diversify or closed shop altogether. centuries, the burqa has been the emblem of afghanistan. but nowadays in kabul, it is not quite the same. wholesalers stilt supplied to other regions of the country with their own -- still supplied to other regions of the country with their own unique shape. the burqa business is taking a bit of dundalk, falling in demand here in kabul at least. -- is taking a bit of a knock, falling in demand here in kabul at least. some perpetrators are going bust. some gurkha traders are
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now going bust. the extra six months ago he was selling for cause. >> people have more freedom and more choice. women are no longer forced to wear them. it has affected my business. >> even the woman who has been stitching these says it has affected her modesty in other ways. >> when i first went out without a burqa, i thought everyone was staring at me. but i used to it. on the few occasions i do where it now, i feel like i cannot read. i feel like i will suffocate. >> but for some, old habits die hard. for the past 60 years, this woman has remained covered up. it is a tradition, she says, she will not hold. she likes the anonymity it gives her. when i asked her whether her daughter's will wear it, too, her answer is no.
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the burqa is being reclaimed by female street artists like this one. will portrayed as a submission of strength, not submission. as for her, it is not the garment that is holding women back, but the thinking behind it. >> freedom is to have peace. if i change the shape of a burqa, it is looking more strong. women can do anything like men. >> there is>> freedom is to hav. a shortage of strong-willed women in afghanistan. despite the challenge to the burk got in trouble, it is an enduring symbol of the tension between tradition and change. hit, which broadway is said to have repeated success across the atlantic. the book of mormon has already
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won nine tony awards. and it is for the first time being performed outside the u.s. in london's west end. already the hottest ticket on broadway, the book of mormon has now opened in london's west end. 8 million pounds already spent on advanced ticket sales is a sign of its future success. you can expect this theatrical mission from america to be around for a long time. the show is a creation of mats down and trade parker, the team behind the irreverent comedy "south park. ." "south park >> why the book of mormon? >> they make for good stereotypical characters. they walk around like he come out ready to burst into characters at any moment.
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but they're nice and easy targets. there is something not as brave about that as going after another subject. one is that there is an implication that it makes about islam, muslim, catholics, anybody else. but also, it is just not what we want them to do. >> mormons in the uk team -- seem to be taking a positive approach to the article. in fact, they have placed three full-page advertisements in the show's program. >> our only hope is that people will not be basing their interest on a piece of entertainment. if they want to learn more, then they will come to speak to us. satiricalnown for its humor. having seen the show, i suspect that part of its success is down for its rather conservative nature. strip away all of the vulgarities and what you're left with is a feel-good monnat -- a
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feel-good musical with catchy show tunes. shows survive an atlantic crossing. but judging by the audience's reaction of last night's opening performance, the book of mormon has arrived to a full house. >> and he is right, whether in london or new york, is a very catchy musical. the book of mormon britney nichelle to a close, kathy kaye. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the fremont foundation of new york, stowe, vt., and honolulu, newman's own foundation, fidelity investments, union bank, and zte.
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♪ >> bringing you closer youzte. personal economy is made up of the things that matter most, including your career. as those things change, fidelity it can help readjust your retirement plan, how you refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, the fidelity -- fidelity has a wide range of choices that and if your personally economy. investments, a turn here.
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>> bbc world news was presented
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: federal reserve chairman ben bernanke warned lawmakers today that the automatic spending cuts set to take effect friday will hurt the economic recovery. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, we examine the battle over those cuts, and how the paralysis in washington could affect hiring, investment, and more. >> ifill: then, we get the latest on the senate vote to confirm former senator chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense. >> woodruff: ray suarez talks with marcia coyle about today's
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supreme court arguments over getting a d.n.a. sample from a suspect who was arrested but not convicted of a crime. >> ifill: special correspondent kira kay previews next week's presidential contest in kenya, where memories linger from the violence that followed the 2007 elections. >> we talk about people dead. i think if you count it over time and those who don't know it's probably around 2,000. massive, huge kills. we were on the brink of civil war. >> woodruff: and we close with a conversation with gloria steinem about the women's movement and the pbs documentary, "makers: women who make america." >> we have realized that a majority of americans fully agree that women can do what men can do but we haven't yet realized that men can do what women do. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour.

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